In 1987, the Nike Air Max was launched. At the time, it was one of Nike’s most revolutionary designs so it unsurprisingly became one of the most popular sport shoe designs. The Air Max was the first sneaker ever made that featured a visible air conditioning unit situated at the heel. Because of this design and the many years that the brand has endured successfully, Nike Air Max sports sneakers are still some of the most valued types of running shoes today. Here are some facts that you may or may not know about regarding the Air Max:

The first collaboration took place in 2002

In 2002, in a bid to increase the number of sales, Nike partnered up with a popular Japanese retailer, Atmos, to create a new design that was inspired by the classic Air Max original. What came out of the collaboration was a sneaker that combined the components of the Nike Air Safari with the shape of the Air Max 1. To this day, this is still considered one of Nike’s greatest collaborations.

The Nike branding has changed over time

Over the years, Nike has changed its branding of the Air Max to accommodate the changing times and the demand of the consumers. The original Air Max 1 sneaker, for instance, did not have the distinct Nike branding, which is typically situated on the heel. As the developmentof the shoe progressed, the brand beganincorporating the Swoosh Nike mark at the heel, and it has remained this way ever since.

The design started a revolution

When Air Max was first produced and released, the world had not seen anything like it before. The technology used to create the sneaker was simply life changing and because of it, Nike was able to experience unprecedented success. This technology changed the way that sneakers were created and designed for the better much to the appreciation of consumers.

Air Maxhas a book dedicated to it

The Nike Air Max is the only brand in the world to have an entire book dedicated entirely to it. The book, titled MAX100 was pioneered by Matt Stevens in 2011. The MAX 100 project will feature original artwork capturing designs that Nike Air Max has created over the years that it has been in business. The book is geared towards fans of Nike, as well as collectors of the Air Max.