Nike Air Max has a solid reputation all over the world. The shoes are a perfect mixture of performance and style. They are cool and sophisticated. They guarantee the level of performance you need while on the track. However, just as is the case with all shoes, Nike Air Max needs proper care to continue serving you for years. Top performance only happens when you give the shoes the care they need.

Nike is renowned for excellent shoes, and that is evident in its Air Max brand.

The shoes need regular cleaning.

There is a proper technique of cleaning Nike Air Max, though. Otherwise, you will damage them. You need to be aware of a few basics first. Additionally, you need the best cleaning products to do the job well. Different parts of the shoes require different cleaning techniques. The parts to focus on are nubuck, mesh, midsole and the sole. Focus on cleaning these parts and your shoes will be in the perfect box-fresh state.

Mesh Uppers

The mesh upper traps a lot of dirt. Without proper cleaning, this part of the shoes will acquire a discolored and stained look. Shampoo the mesh upper regularly so the whites retain their allure. To clean the mesh properly, use the right tools. The tools to go for are a piece of soft cloth, sneaker cleaner, warm water (a bowl is enough), and stiff brush. Clean the mesh with the laces removed for easy access to the entire upper section.

Nubuck Uppers

Get a special suede cleaner to work on the nubuck uppers. This section of the shoes has a reputation for gathering all manner of grease, oil stains, and grass stains. The stains cannot come off with regular cleaners. A special type is necessary for not only conditioning the leather but also prolonging its life. At times, you may have to clean this section repeatedly until you remove all the rubs and scruffs that make it appear stained.

Midsoles and Soles

What about the sole and midsole wedge? The midsoles suffer the most from the effects of wear and tear. Use the right type of cleaners too. The colored midsoles need more care to avoid discoloring them. Test a small portion of the colored midsoles to ascertain whether the cleaner leaves it looking stunning or causing a few damages. You are better off using baking soda to clean the colored midsoles.

The purpose of cleaning the soles is to keep this part of the shoes in icy condition.

Clean the soles after each wearing.

Do not forget to clean the laces either as they are part of the Nike Max Air too.