If you own an Airbnb rental, one of your biggest responsibilities as a host is to ensure that your rental is kept in excellent condition at all times. Not only will a well-maintained Airbnb help you attract more guests, but it will also boost your reputation online, which is always great when it comes to the hospitality business.

As a host, it is your responsibility to make sure that every detail of the guest experience is attended to, from ensuring that your rental is clean to guaranteeing that your guests have the best and most comfortable linen to sleep on. But what happens when you have to accommodate smoking guests?

What’s the problem with smoking guests?

Guests that smoke inside your rental can cause a number of issues that most property owners would rather avoid. When hosts do not want guests to smoke inside their rental, they typically list it under the house rules. Smokers are often aware of these rules and are usually on the lookout for them when they are searching for a rental. However, when guests opt to ignore the house rules and smoke inside the rental property anyway, it can make it harder to keep the rental property clean and odor free, potentially causing negative reviews from guests.

So how do you deal with smoking guests in your Airbnb rental

Reinforce the no-smoking policy

If you really do not want guests smoking in your Airbnb rental for one reason or another, you can try reinforcing this house rule in your guest correspondences and your emails. Do not be scared to add that any guest that is caught smoking in the rental will be removed without a refund, risk a fine or a negative review. If you find it difficult to enforce the rule yourself, one of the best things that you can do is to rely on the services of Airbnb Management Services London that can do the reinforcing for you.

Place no smoking signs everywhere

Another easy way to ensure that your guests stick to the no-smoking house rule is to post no smoking signs all over your rental. Some of the best places to place such signs is around the living room area, the balcony, in the bathroom and so on. The point is to make it clear that no smoking will be tolerated in your property.

Clean up

The sad fact is that it is not always possible to enforce the no smoking rule. So, if it does happen, ensure that you clean up after a smoking guest thoroughly. If you fail to clean properly, the smell of nicotine can remain on the walls, linens, furniture, and curtains and it is important to eradicate it completely for the sake of your property ratings. You may need a property management company that offers Best Airbnb Management London to tackle all the issues for you.