How to deal with smoking guests in your Airbnb rental

If you own an Airbnb rental, one of your biggest responsibilities as a host is to ensure that your rental is kept in excellent condition at all times. Not only will a well-maintained Airbnb help you attract more guests, but it will also boost your reputation online, which is always great when it comes to the hospitality business.

As a host, it is your responsibility to make sure that every detail of the guest experience is attended to, from ensuring that your rental is clean to guaranteeing that your guests have the best and most comfortable linen to sleep on. But what happens when you have to accommodate smoking guests?

What’s the problem with smoking guests?

Guests that smoke inside your rental can cause a number of issues that most property owners would rather avoid. When hosts do not want guests to smoke inside their rental, they typically list it under the house rules. Smokers are often aware of these rules and are usually on the lookout for them when they are searching for a rental. However, when guests opt to ignore the house rules and smoke inside the rental property anyway, it can make it harder to keep the rental property clean and odor free, potentially causing negative reviews from guests.

So how do you deal with smoking guests in your Airbnb rental

Reinforce the no-smoking policy

If you really do not want guests smoking in your Airbnb rental for one reason or another, you can try reinforcing this house rule in your guest correspondences and your emails. Do not be scared to add that any guest that is caught smoking in the rental will be removed without a refund, risk a fine or a negative review. If you find it difficult to enforce the rule yourself, one of the best things that you can do is to rely on the services of Airbnb Management Services London that can do the reinforcing for you.

Place no smoking signs everywhere

Another easy way to ensure that your guests stick to the no-smoking house rule is to post no smoking signs all over your rental. Some of the best places to place such signs is around the living room area, the balcony, in the bathroom and so on. The point is to make it clear that no smoking will be tolerated in your property.

Clean up

The sad fact is that it is not always possible to enforce the no smoking rule. So, if it does happen, ensure that you clean up after a smoking guest thoroughly. If you fail to clean properly, the smell of nicotine can remain on the walls, linens, furniture, and curtains and it is important to eradicate it completely for the sake of your property ratings. You may need a property management company that offers Best Airbnb Management London to tackle all the issues for you.

What you need to know about the Nike Air Max throughout time

In 1987, the Nike Air Max was launched. At the time, it was one of Nike’s most revolutionary designs so it unsurprisingly became one of the most popular sport shoe designs. The Air Max was the first sneaker ever made that featured a visible air conditioning unit situated at the heel. Because of this design and the many years that the brand has endured successfully, Nike Air Max sports sneakers are still some of the most valued types of running shoes today. Here are some facts that you may or may not know about regarding the Air Max:

The first collaboration took place in 2002

In 2002, in a bid to increase the number of sales, Nike partnered up with a popular Japanese retailer, Atmos, to create a new design that was inspired by the classic Air Max original. What came out of the collaboration was a sneaker that combined the components of the Nike Air Safari with the shape of the Air Max 1. To this day, this is still considered one of Nike’s greatest collaborations.

The Nike branding has changed over time

Over the years, Nike has changed its branding of the Air Max to accommodate the changing times and the demand of the consumers. The original Air Max 1 sneaker, for instance, did not have the distinct Nike branding, which is typically situated on the heel. As the developmentof the shoe progressed, the brand beganincorporating the Swoosh Nike mark at the heel, and it has remained this way ever since.

The design started a revolution

When Air Max was first produced and released, the world had not seen anything like it before. The technology used to create the sneaker was simply life changing and because of it, Nike was able to experience unprecedented success. This technology changed the way that sneakers were created and designed for the better much to the appreciation of consumers.

Air Maxhas a book dedicated to it

The Nike Air Max is the only brand in the world to have an entire book dedicated entirely to it. The book, titled MAX100 was pioneered by Matt Stevens in 2011. The MAX 100 project will feature original artwork capturing designs that Nike Air Max has created over the years that it has been in business. The book is geared towards fans of Nike, as well as collectors of the Air Max.

10 cosas a tener en cuenta antes de comprar coches de segunda mano en Baleares

Comprar coches de segunda mano en Baleares puede ahorrarle mucho dinero, pero también puede traer algunas sorpresas. Aquí hay 10 cosas a tener en cuenta para hacer que la compra sea segura y sin complicaciones.

# 1. Marco dañado

En ningún caso debe comprar un automóvil usado que tenga un cuadro roto. Antes de firmar en la línea de puntos, inspeccione la silla (que sostiene la parte superior del radiador). Si las defensas se han atornillado, reemplazado o soldado, no compre el vehículo.

# 2. Odómetro manipulado

Los vendedores y concesionarios de automóviles inescrupulosos a menudo manipulan el odómetro y reducen la lectura de millas para que usted piense que el automóvil aún es nuevo. Es una estafa llamada cronometraje que se ha vuelto bastante rampante en los últimos años.

Si la lectura del odómetro es sospechosamente baja, tiene derecho a preocuparse. Compruebe las paletas de goma; si están desgastados, el vehículo es quizás más viejo de lo que dice el odómetro.

# 3. Óxido en la capucha

Cualquier óxido debajo del automóvil o en el capó es un signo revelador de daños por inundaciones. Podría no ser nada importante, pero ¿por qué arriesgarse con su dinero duramente ganado?

# 4. Cortar y cerrar

Este debe levantar algunas cejas. Los cortes y cierres son casos en los que se cortan partes de automóviles y se usan para hacer un automóvil nuevo. A menudo es parte de los anillos de robo de automóviles. Si observa cortes o soldaduras en la unidad central del automóvil, corra y corra lo más rápido que pueda. Lo bueno es que esto no es común con los coches de segunda mano en Baleares.

# 5. FugasLas fugas de aceite suelen ser un signo de daños más profundos y más extensos en el vehículo. Lo más probable es que el auto haya estado involucrado en un accidente. Revise debajo del capó, debajo, y otras partes en busca de fugas.Las pruebas de fugas se hacen mejor por un mecánico calificado.# 6. Papeleo incorrecto o faltanteEsto es especialmente importante al comprar un automóvil usado de un particular. Asegúrese de que el vendedor haga uso de la diligencia de venta, certificados de seguridad vial y otros documentos pertinentes. Si faltan, mantente alejado de ello.# 7. Ventas nocturnas Si el vendedor insiste en venderle el auto por la noche, tenga cuidado. Mejor aún, no te involucres.# 8. Sin prueba de manejo Si el vendedor o vendedor individual se niega a realizar una prueba de manejo, no tiene más remedio que abandonar el trato. Es imprescindible a la hora de comprar coches de segunda mano Baleares.# 9. Pintura fresca Puede que no sea una mala señal, pero un abrigo nuevo puede ocultar numerosos pecados de autos. No sólo un doblador de guardabarros, sino accidentes masivos o abolladuras.# 10. Paneles torcidosLos paneles que no se alinean son una señal de un automóvil que ha estado involucrado en un accidente.


Reasons for Hiring End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Are you moving out of a property and it needs some thorough cleaning? Well, consider seeking tenancy cleaning services.

If you are a homeowner or a landlord, you should ensure your property is in the best condition possible before the next tenant or client moves in. The following are the benefits of hiring end of tenancy cleaning services.

Saves Money

If you hire cleaning professionals, you will save money instead of doing the work by yourself. For instance, if you choose to buy the cleaning equipment, it can be more expensive than hiring an individual who has one and has the experience of handling this equipment. Apart from that, you will waste your time if you do the cleaning jib by yourself.

Improved Occupancy                                       

The use of end of tenancy cleaning services ensures your property’s occupancy rate is high. This rate is very crucial as it will determine if your house will be occupied first and immediately after the moving of your tenant.

Potential tenants mostly compare the properties around them and choose the best by checking the property’s cleanliness. Obtaining services from a professional end of tenancy cleaner will ensure you don’t lose money when your property remains vacant.

No Complaints

It is essential that your new tenant should find the property clean and presentable. As a landlord, you won’t get any complaints from your new tenants concerning the cleanliness of your property. It will eventually boost your occupancy rate and increase your monthly rental income.

No Time Wasting

The process of preparing your property for the next tenant can be tedious and seek the services of a professional will be crucial to saving you more time.  Doing by yourself will affect other important aspects of your life, and you may end up losing a lot in the long-run. It can even be hard to manage all the cleaning services if you have multiple properties in different cities.

Enjoy the Best Services

Hiring professional end of tenancy cleaners will ensure your property is in the right condition for your tenant. They will make your property stainless, fresh and fabulous increasing the chances of occupancy. In addition to that, since they are trained in cleaning, you are assured of the best quality of services.

It Perfectly Works For Property Managers’

Apart from tenants and homeowners, end of tenancy cleaning service will also be essential for property managers who wish to build a good repo. These professionals will make your work easy and increase your chances of leasing the property by 20- 40%

What to do for Your Nike Air Max to Retain Their Allure

Nike Air Max has a solid reputation all over the world. The shoes are a perfect mixture of performance and style. They are cool and sophisticated. They guarantee the level of performance you need while on the track. However, just as is the case with all shoes, Nike Air Max needs proper care to continue serving you for years. Top performance only happens when you give the shoes the care they need.

Nike is renowned for excellent shoes, and that is evident in its Air Max brand.

The shoes need regular cleaning.

There is a proper technique of cleaning Nike Air Max, though. Otherwise, you will damage them. You need to be aware of a few basics first. Additionally, you need the best cleaning products to do the job well. Different parts of the shoes require different cleaning techniques. The parts to focus on are nubuck, mesh, midsole and the sole. Focus on cleaning these parts and your shoes will be in the perfect box-fresh state.

Mesh Uppers

The mesh upper traps a lot of dirt. Without proper cleaning, this part of the shoes will acquire a discolored and stained look. Shampoo the mesh upper regularly so the whites retain their allure. To clean the mesh properly, use the right tools. The tools to go for are a piece of soft cloth, sneaker cleaner, warm water (a bowl is enough), and stiff brush. Clean the mesh with the laces removed for easy access to the entire upper section.

Nubuck Uppers

Get a special suede cleaner to work on the nubuck uppers. This section of the shoes has a reputation for gathering all manner of grease, oil stains, and grass stains. The stains cannot come off with regular cleaners. A special type is necessary for not only conditioning the leather but also prolonging its life. At times, you may have to clean this section repeatedly until you remove all the rubs and scruffs that make it appear stained.

Midsoles and Soles

What about the sole and midsole wedge? The midsoles suffer the most from the effects of wear and tear. Use the right type of cleaners too. The colored midsoles need more care to avoid discoloring them. Test a small portion of the colored midsoles to ascertain whether the cleaner leaves it looking stunning or causing a few damages. You are better off using baking soda to clean the colored midsoles.

The purpose of cleaning the soles is to keep this part of the shoes in icy condition.

Clean the soles after each wearing.

Do not forget to clean the laces either as they are part of the Nike Max Air too.

What Makes Nike Air Max a Top Line of Shoes?

Nike Air Max is a line of quality shoes from the legendary American shoemaker. Nike launched this line of shoes in 1987. The shoes are ideal for wearers whose activities involve a lot of repeated landing.

They offer the maximum protection the wearer needs on impact. The max air technology used in these shoes require using less midsole material. The shoes are also lightweight and guarantee the maximum cushioning the wearer needs.

Nike Air Max stands out in the following areas:

  1. Comfort
  2. Support
  3. Appearance

They are effective, functional, and aesthetically pleasing footwear.

Wearers can use it for running though the shoes are more suited for casual wear.

Why should you buy Nike Air Max?

Guarantee top performances

First, they guarantee the performance levels you need in any activity you choose to wear them for. They combine that top performance with a stylish look too. Therefore, you can wear them for a cool look without having to worry about your ability to perform optimally on the track.

Unparalleled comfort

What is more, the shoes are some of the most comfortable. They are comfortable on the feet. The shoes are breathable thus preventing the congestion users experience while wearing other types or brands of shoes.

Ideal for low-visibility running

Users interested in low-visibility running will find the Nike Air Max the perfect fit for such types of activities. Its sufficient reflectivity is the quality that makes the shoes ideal for low-visibility running.

It is impossible to participate in low-visibility running without the appropriate reflective gear.

Unmatched cushioning

Nike Air Max’s cushioning stands out for one major reason – the ability to absorb shocks well. For this reason, users can wear it for activities that require or involve a lot of repeated landing or jumping. This explains why some users prefer it for running or jogging.

Perfect for all-day wearing

Fewer footwear in the market today would suit all-day wearing better than Nike Air Max. You can wear them if your job involves standing for a large portion of your day. The fact the shoes are not only breathable but also comfortable make them perfect for all-day wearing too.

The shoes are available in various colors; hence, making it easier to find what you love.

Little signs of wear and tear

Furthermore, the shoes show little sign of wear and tear regardless of the number of times you wear it. The 2017 model is particularly renowned for this quality. Consequently, you do not have to worry about spending money to replace the worn out shoes soon.

The 2017 Nike Air Max has a better quality and construction than the previous models.

Therefore, feel free to buy it for its superior comfort, superb looks, and adequate arch support.